7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death

Exploring the reality of our mortality and preparing for our some-day, one-day, inevitable death is a portal for living and loving fully. 

Joining this free, online event 
will facilitate your personal-discovery process and create the necessary foundation to support all your end-of-life planning activities.

"Full of powerful questions, this beautiful inquiry brought me deeper into my heart—which is where I want to live from …"

—Danielle LaPorte, Creator,
The Desire Map Program

At Willow,

our goal is to transform end-of-life planning into a rich opportunity for personal growth and community connections. Our tools and resources help you check things off your to-do list and support you to clarify who and what matter most. 

Michelle Pante and Reena Lazar are pragmatic and heart-centered end-of-life planning educators and coaches as well as curriculum designers, presenters and facilitators.
With training in deathcare, conflict resolution and communications, they share a passion for using the conversation around death as a pathway to growth and healing for individuals, communities and the planet.

"Willow has unlocked the vault on a traditionally difficult topic, giving us a gentle, insightful, holistic approach that you can tailor to your needs, wishes and culture."

—Lee-Anne Ragan, International Learning and Development Expert, Rock.Paper.Scissors Inc.

Many of us know the benefits of preparing for our one-day, some-day death. But sometimes it’s hard to get started. All this planning-ahead business feels overwhelming and fragmented. Or perhaps some basic planning pieces are in place but it feels like who you are isn’t showing up in your planning documents.

Making sense of life and death before making practical arrangements helps ensure that your end-of-life planning reflects your values and priorities. Whether you have days or decades left to live, we believe that thinking about and preparing for your death will inspire you to live your best life now.

In this 60-minute online event you will:

Discover why making sense of life and death is the foundation to authentic end-of-life planning.

Learn what inspired Reena and Michelle to create an online program centred around holistic end-of-life planning.

Learn how 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death will change your life and relationships.

Get a free tool on how to have successful end-of-life planning conversations.


We all know that preparing for our eventual death will give us peace of mind and make it easier for those we leave behind. 

This online event is that, and so much more. 

Join this free, online event to explore the reality of your mortality and create the foundation for all your end-of-life planning.

"Reena and Michelle are rock-stars! Their approach to all things living and dying is full of love and practical wisdom. Without reservation, I recommend Willow’s tools to all those called to be of service a an End-of-Life Doula."

—Deanna Cochran, Founder, CareDoula® Certification Program and Author

"Reena and Michelle are an essential community-building, capacity-increasing, and most especially heart-centered resource"

—Jennifer Lorca, Registered Nurse + End of Life Doula, Walk With Me Care

"Reena and Michelle are pioneers. 
A magic combination of pragmatic and purposeful, Willow's personal-discovery and planning tools will fire you up to get into action with your end-of-life planning and to live your best life."

—Dr. Karen M. Wyatt, Author, 7 Lessons for Living from the Dying

Free, online event with Willow Co-Founders,
Michelle Pante and Reena Lazar

Soothe your soul in these tender and tumultuous times with heart-centred and holistic tools.

Attend this free, online event and you'll learn how making sense of life and death will support you right now and lay the groundwork for all your end-of-life planning.

Attendees receive a free, downloadable tool to help you with all your end-of-life planning.

This 8-page fillable document is not available anywhere else. 

5 Steps for Successful End-of-Life Planning Conversations

Your mortality is an opportunity in disguise.

Death is the one thing in life we’re most certain of, yet most people would do anything to avoid talking or even thinking about it. For most of us, it takes death itself—whether recent or impending—to prompt us to bravely consider the reality of our mortality.

People in their dying days often speak of experiencing enormous growth and transformation. Dying can be a time of truth seeking and risk taking. Many have observed that in the face of death, people tend to focus on what gives their life meaning.

Perhaps you’ve experienced something similar around a health crisis or the death of someone you knew. The truth is, you don’t need to wait until someone dies or you’re faced with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness to experience these benefits.

"Completing the online program has really grounded me in the face of the current epidemic. With clarity about who and what matter most, the current events have simply called me to focus even more intently on exactly that. This has given me a significant sense of personal calm and peace amongst the storm."

—Karen Hendrickson, Life Coach, End of Life Doula &  Licensed Willow EOL Facilitator

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In an inspiring online event, Michelle Pante and Reena Lazar will share with you how making sense of life and death can transform your living and your dying. 

They’ll also introduce you to their 10-day Online Program and help you determine if it’s right for you.

Reserve your spot now by choosing the time that works best for you.

(12:00 PM PST/ 3:00 PM EST / 8 PM GMT/ 6 AM AEDT)Tuesday, March 31Tuesday, April 7(6:00 PM PST/ 9:00 PM EST / 2 AM GMT/ 12 PM AEDT)

Reserve your spot now by choosing the time that works best for you.

(12:00 PM PST/ 3:00 PM EST / 8 PM GMT/ 6 AM AEDT)Tuesday, March 31Tuesday, April 7(6:00 PM PST/ 9:00 PM EST / 2 AM GMT/ 12 PM AEDT)

"In these tumultuous times, it is more important than ever that we acknowledge the reality of our mortality, as well as embrace our shared humanity. Willow's timely online program encourages us to focus on both."

—Ruth MacKay & Sarah Farr, Co-Founders, Wishstone, Compassionate Partners in End of Life Planning and Care